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Name The Time Hack
Location Washington DC

The Time Hack is an experiment aimed at exploring whether our perception of time is influenced by our actions. Research suggests our perception of time is partially dependent on the amount of new experiences we have during a given day. Journalist Matt Danzico is testing this theory by taking part in a new and unusual experience every day this year. After each experience, he documents his impressions and estimates the amount of time it took, then links to a video and a photo of a stopwatch with the actual duration.

So far Matt has fought a boxer, gone to Trapeze School, jumped from a moving car, walked a mile with 20 balloons, watched paint dry, learned Swahili, and recited the alphabet in a public place.

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con el tiempo..

Es gracioso como con el tiempo seguimos siendo los mismos.

Perseguimos distintos sueños quizas, pero al final de la noche.. seguimos siendo los mismos. Puede ser tan perturbante y en cierto punto abrumador la manera en que pensamos, muchas veces ni nos damos cuenta que por eso mismo no avanzamos, el destino no nos corresponde… me gustaría pensar que todo va a estar bien..  

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